{Poetry} MRT (Monsters Ruin Lives)


Marius Carlos, Jr. {8/25/2016}


Monsters Ruin Lives

This was the heading

On a piece of paper

That blew past the poet

With steely gazes, he

Studied, those babbling

About him.


The biggest swindle

Is when monsters lick

The bare breasts of the law

And are nourished by its

Systemic infection no

Longer servings its

Purpose, must it now

Be destroyed?


The ink that writes is

What inks those rights is

What sinks those rights is

What speaks our plights is

What makes it right!


Chained brother, you

Do not weep, we do not

Sleep, but all we do is

Seek, for it is the points

That connect the words

That beasts take flight,

Talons out.


Game face



{On Aug. 24, 2016, poet Angelo V. Suarez was detained and accused of malicious mischief, due to a piece of graffiti that read #MRTBulok on an MRT train.}




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